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Walk with Courage: Women's Self Defense

  • GOLDEN HARMONY FITNESS STUDIOS 120 West Culpeper Street Culpeper, VA, 22701 United States (map)

Walk With Courage

Women's Self Defense Tactics

2 Day Seminar

March Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th

1-5PM both days

$99/Single participant    $150/for a family couple    $199/3+ families

$50/ Returning Graduates of Walk With Courage

This weekend Seminar is for females 13+ who wish to learn basic life saving skills for potentially violent altercations. 
Ingrain the basic skills of preventing and surviving conflict. Utilizing your natural fear
reflex, we will refine your reactions to effective, life saving techniques to keep you safe and remove you from danger as quickly as possible. More importantly, we will
develop the proper mind set and awareness needed to recognize and assess
danger to keep yourself from potential threats. This course is offered in a friendly
and comfortable setting, and consists of lectures, technique drills, pad work, basic weapons training, partner work and situational practice.