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Thorin Blanco: Fundamental Drills for All Martial Arts & World Qigong Day!

Saturday April 30th, 2016

9am-10am: 2016 World Qigong Day Practice with Sifu Gordon Wicks (FREE to the PUBLIC)

10am-2pm: Fundamental Drills for All Martial Arts with Sifu Thorin Blanco 

$45/per non member person

$35/Golden Harmony & Sage Arts Members 

Thorin Blanco has been immersed in the martial arts since he was a child. Since 1989, he has consistently and diligently learned martial arts. He has formally studied Tai-Chi, Hsing-I, Pa-kua Chang, Krav Maga, Kajukenbo, Silat, and Filipino stick and knife fighting systems. In 2001, Thorin opened his first studio in Fairfax, VA and taught Krav Maga (he earned a high level's instructor status). At that time, he began deeply researching, exchanging, developing, and creating his own Art.

Balancing out his martial arts, Thorin is also a healing practitioner. Becoming a massage practitioner in 1991, he has apprenticed in Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and Tui Na Massage. He has also taught massage, anatomy, physiology, and other alternative therapies.

Sifu Thorin Blanco has utilized his martial arts skills as a bouncer, bodyguard, security agent, and a reserve deputy sheriff. Thorin brings his unique background, kinesiological understanding and love of teaching others to all his classes.

In this day workshop, Thorin will present a unique template of drills that provides the basic fundamentals to any martial art. These highly adaptable two person exercises create an indispensable keystone to practice any style, technique, or method of attack or defense in a usable real world format.

You will be able to practice any technique you already know in an easy relaxed co-operative  manner, or if you so choose a more competitive combat oriented style as in kickboxing.

This workshop will cover a wide range of various techniques in empty hand, sticks, and knife in a completely integrated and easy to remember format.

Interested in functional training? You do not want to miss this want unique opportunity to experience a comprehensive overview of all martial arts methods!