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Youth Yoga & Kung Fu Camp!

This exciting 2hour, 5 day camp engages youths minds and bodies with stretching, balance, coordination & strength exercises, drawing from Indian Yoga & Chinese Kung Fu disciplines. The youths will start each morning by setting the intent for their day, Yoga breathing and warm up stretches and move into balance and strength poses over an hour. After a short break, the participants then begin to engage in dynamic exercises based on the famous  & ancient art of Shaolin Kung Fu. Through forms of kicks, strikes, blocks, leaping, crouching and balanced movements, partner drills and games the youths will learn self defense applications, full body awareness and control as well as getting a great full body workout!

In our YOGA CLASS, students will learn poses, breath work, team building skills, partnership work, meditation and a little non-competitive ball skill work! This class is taught by Susan and Paige.

In the KUNG FU class, we will super charge your child's dynamic physical fitness with the ancient discipline of Shaolin Kung Fu with Master Gordon Wicks. 

AGES: 6-16


$100.00 per child

$180.00 for two children

$260.00 for three children (ask about discounts for more than three)