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Masters Daisy Lee & Francesco Garripoli in NOVA

World Renowned Qigong Masters Daisy Lee & Francesco Garripoli will be visiting the area May 6-8th in Alexandria, Virginia.

Being a long time student of both teachers, Gordon Wicks invites you to join him to take these classes him! 

Please, follow the link below for more details and to register for classes




Radiant Lotus Qigong

Taught by Daisy Lee, who has brought together the healing exercise systems of her most impressive teachers from China, Tibet and the West. Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong is a living philosophy that invites practitioners to take personal responsibility for their health and well-being with the daily practice of gentle, non-invasive health exercises that renew the body, clear the mind and which have the potential to transform awareness.


RLWQ supports holistic self-care and self-healing of menstrual and hormonal imbalances, breast and uterine tumors/cysts, fibrocystic breast disease, emotional ups and downs, menopausal symptoms, memory loss and numerous other women’s health issues. RLWQ can be used as an augment to western medicine or to enhance existing health practices.


Qigong for Empowerment & Self Improvement 

A Francesco Garripoli Workshop – This limited engagement introductory class focuses on the self-empowerment/self-healing aspects of Qigong and how to bring a joyful and transformative approach to Qigong Energy Healing for your personal practice. All levels are welcome – from beginners to experienced practitioners. FLIER AND REGISTRATION


Francesco Garripoli is an internationally renowned Qigong instructor based in Hawaii, researcher, wellness advocate, and Emmy Award winning television producer director of “Qigong – Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century” for PBS. He is the author of “Tao of the Ride” and “Qigong – Essence of the Healing Dance” and is featured in a series of award-winning Qigong instructional DVDs with Daisy Lee.

$ 30 at the door or $25 if mailed by May 6, 2015



Organ Cleansing & Detox

Taught by Francesco Garripoli, Organ Cleansing and Detox Qigong (or as it is known in Mandarin Chinese – Zhang Fu Gong) is a unique and powerful Qigong form. Designed as one, flowing, healing workout that takes about 10 minutes to complete, many people find this to be the daily practice that they’ve been waiting for. This easy-to-learn set includes a warm-up and energy balancing phase and then moves into Qigong forms specifically focusing on cleansing and strengthening the heart, lungs, liver, stomach, intestines, kidneys, gall bladder, brain and nervous system. The set ends with another energy balancing and settling phase, leaving you refreshed and empowered. For years people around the world have been incorporating this effective exercise routine into their personal healing program.


Organ Cleansing & Strengthening Teacher Certification

 This 3-day intensive is only the seventh official Certification Program that has been offered for instructors of the Organ Cleansing & Detox Qigong form (Zhang Fu Gong), also known by the DVD as “Qigong for Cleansing” or “Qigong for Detox”. The Certification Program runs from early Friday through end of day Sunday. The intention for offering this teacher Certification Program is to truly empower instructors who wish to share this effective Qigong form with others. You may apply for this teacher certification if you have at least two years personal qigong practice and also-

1) You already teach Qigong and would like to add Organ Cleansing and Detox Qigong to your toolkit.

2) You teach an energy-based movement modality such as yoga, tai chi, Pilates, etc. and would like to include Qigong in your offerings.

3) You have already attended classes, Study Trips or workshops with Francesco or Daisy and have proficiency in the ‘Qigong for Cleansing’ form.

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