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A Week with Master Rob Moses!



Golden Harmony Fitness and Stonewall Abby Welcome Rob Moses

 We are honored to welcome Master Rob Moses to our locations for a week of Yoga for Kicks, Dao Yin Yoga, Qigong and, of course, Kung Fu: April 12-April 16! 


Tui Na Massage:

We are pleased to promote private lessons as well as Tui Na (Chinese Acupressure) Massage treatments with Master Rob Moses from Sunday April 12th- Wednesday April 15th, 2015. Email us to reserve your appointment. ($70/hour)



Yoga For Kicks:

Fusion of Dao Yin Qigong, Heat gathering and body opening Yoga, and Kung Fu Kicking and Windmill Strikes to develop elastic power, dynamic flexibility and release tensions from the body. Calm, focus, center, then open, release and invigorate in this 2 hour Master Class with Master Rob Moses, Kim Garrido and Sifu Gordon Wicks.


Golden Spiral Wellness Movement:

The Nine Songs of Movement; nine approaches to the physics of the body in motion, encompass the entire spectrum of human mechanics. Developed to train nuero muscular control and mind intention in movement, these concepts create total body awareness and potential. Using Improv as well as Structured Mechanics, this class also incorporates the Physiostix TM technology, based on Fibonacci Spirals to guide movement practitioners through an efficient means of gathering intelligent gestures and patterns of energy flow. What that means is a greater awareness of your body moving through time and space, capitalizing on the organic nature of human mechanics. 



Dao Yin Yoga:

The Ancient Chinese method of coordinated breath and stretching, Dao Yin is the ancestor of Qigong. Some of these techniques date back 4,000 years and include slow, fluid and dance like movements, as well as gentle poses on the mat. Stimulate the energies of the body and invigorate the systems, then increase flexibility and release tensions and blockages.


Qigong & Yoga Fusion:

An exceptional series of modalities, this class offers the opportunity to move seamlessly through breath control techniques, asanas (yoga poses) & guided meditation. A mixture of Yin (soft) and Yang (arduous) techniques to balance the body.


All Master classes are $20 or with a class pass +$10

Sunday April 12th at Stonewall Abbey 

9AM Yoga & Qigong 
Susan Huff & Rob Moses


Monday April 13th Golden Harmony Fitness
5:45 Yoga for Kicks
Rob Moses, Kim Garrido, & Gordon Wicks
7-8PM Kung Fu
Rob Moses & Gordon Wicks


Tuesday April 14th Stonewall Abbey

9AM Dao Yin Yoga & Golden Spiral Wellness Physiostix for Beginners
Rob Moses & Gordon Wicks

Wednesday April 15th  Golden Harmony
Qigong, Yoga & Guided Meditation
Rob Moses, Gordon Wicks, Susan Huff & Jason Holloway


Kung Fu & 9 Palms


Thursday  April 16th Stonewall Abbey


Qigong & Golden Spiral Wellness Physiostix for Beginners
Rob Moses & Gordon Wicks 



Master Rob Moses is a Kung Fu alchemist. In 1977, he began his formal training under Grand Master Kam Yuen at the Tai Mantis Academy, where he received his degree in Northern Shaolin/Tai Chi Praying Mantis. 

In 1983, Moses began training actor David Carradine for his role of TV's 'Kung Fu' fame. Moses also helped Carradine prepare for his role in the Chuck Norris film, Lone Wolf McQuade. In the film, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Moses performed the role of Master Khan, the weapons expert and sergeant at arms. Moses would later prepared Carradine for his role in the film Kill Bill. 

In 2002, the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame honored Moses with its Founder of the Year Award for his development of Tai Shan Nine Palms. He received an International Soke Award as the founder of Tai Shan Mantis, a complete martial arts system that incorporates traditional and neoclassical Kung Fu. 

Moses then began to explore the relations between sacred geometry and the human form. Through years of experimentation, he perfected his theory, extracted from a Fibonacci Spiral, manifested as the 'perfect human gear'. The extent of his discovery is revealed in the book 'The Divine Code of Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Einstein and You'. This led to the development of the PhysioStix, a patented apparatus that helps enhance workouts using geometry, alignment and balance. Rob is also Gordon's Master teacher and personal friend. 

Please join us in any or all of these events. It is such an honor to have Master Rob Moses visit with us. 

You may contact either Susan at 540.250.3828 or Gordon at 540.729.4160 or send an email for more information about this week! You may also visit our websites: For more information on Stonewall Abbey Yoga & Qigong and Golden Harmony Fitness at The Second Floor Studio.





$20.00 class fee or $10 with use of regular class Pass!




At both of our studios, we offer a variety of retail items such as yoga mats, yoga clothing, incense, essential oils, and lotions. 

All sales are final however we are happy to exchange items. Also, gift certificates are available. Send us an email!