Tommy Lyons

Living a sedentary lifestyle up into his early twenties, Tommy was introduced to Golden Harmony Kung Fu in 2010 by a friend who encouraged him to seek the mental and physical benefits of regular Kung Fu exercise. Unfit and severely inflexible, the demands of Golden Harmony's rigorous training program literally reconstructed his body. Under the guidance of Sifu Gordon Wicks, Tommy has been able to achieve a personal level of fitness he never thought possible, giving him direction and purpose for a career in the fitness industry. Tommy became a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer in 2013 through  International Sports Science Association (ISSA) and is currently working on his specialization in Sports Nutrition. Tommy is an Jr. Instructor in the Kid's Kung Fu program as well as offering his personal training services at Golden Harmony Fitness!

Tommy has gained much experience over training a wide range clients varying in their ages and fitness goals. Incorporating what he is learning from Golden Harmony Kung Fu, Tommy's training philosophy is simple: Keep it Fun, Effective & Functional!