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Modern Martial Arts

At Golden Harmony we understand that its not just WHAT you train but HOW you train! Our Martial Arts Program is the product of decades of training, competing & developing the human machine. Our system is a direct result of 38 generations of martial arts experts passing down the knowledge in the arts & sciences of power, strength, speed, alignment, flexibility, body mechanics, application, focus, ethics & intent. We are proud to continue to evolve this system as our instructors have. Our Modern Martial Arts Program is designed around our proficiency in a variety of martial arts systems that covers the 4 Pillars of any complete hand to hand combat system: Striking, Kicking, Throwing & Grappling. We also provide comprehensive defense skills with long staffs, shorts sticks & bladed weapons. If you are looking for a great place to train authentic martial arts, with no egos and high level, skilled instruction, you have found the place. We provide a fun & safe atmosphere to get in shape, learn invaluable self defense skills  & challenge yourself to be your best!   


Let go of your busy day and Work it out! Release tension, sweat, shape and condition your body to be the best it has ever been! High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a proven weight management, strength & conditioning method, sure to get you results! This is Professional coaching, in a fun group environment. From the very best exercise programming in sports medicine, to exciting music, interactive drills, this class is based around the largest and the only 360* TRX Training System around! HIIT-FIT is designed to be fun & progressive to create lasting changes in your physique and attitude!

Nationally Certified Personal Training

All of our trainers are Nationally Certified through recognized and respected academies and universities, from our seasoned veterans to our brightest and best young trainers. We train together, study together, and test each other, with the newest research, time tested techniques, ancient methods and modern equipment to provide the best and safest workouts available. Whatever your personal goals are, or if you may need help developing those goals, our well schooled, mentored, and  experienced Personal Trainers will help you achieve them all. 

With weekly training, monthly programming and annual goal setting, get on track, and stay on track with your own elite trainer. We provide safe, one on one training in a private setting, or small group training with your loved ones & friends, whole foods nutrition planning, goal setting and evaluation, and most importantly, accountability. 


TRX-FLEX is our unique approach to suspension training. This morning class is a form-focused, music-fueled, Pilates inspired, powerful workout that uses your own bodyweight as resistance to challenge every muscle. It is efficient, highly effective and will develop balance and core strength as well as increase endurance and stamina. Since your bodyweight creates the resistance, TRX-FLEX is designed with the ability to modify or advance any exercise. A total body workout unlike any other! Our TRX system is the largest and the only 360* facility around!

Family Fun Fitness

Get expert instruction with this unique fitness opportunity! Safely workout with your kids and inspire your whole family to a healthier, happier lifestyle. BE their example for fitness, while feeling confident that you are being guided effectively through these routines. We use TRX suspension training, medicine balls, Bosu, body weight exercises, team work, core strengthening, yoga based flexibility, agility, speed and aerobic work throughout the circuits! 

This class is recommended for children age 5+
+$5 for additional non member children

Youth FIT

Ages 5-12

Discipline, respect, confidence, strength, coordination, agility, flexibility, friendship, skill

These are the foundation that your child will develop in our age appropriate skill based program. Through physical fitness and teamwork, children develop the body & mind while having fun and making new friends! All of our classes are taught by Nationally Certified Personal Trainers, experts in their fields & are fun & engaging! We provide the safest and most effective programs that you will find in the area. We gladly accept exceptional children with physical & cognitive challenges and have a PHD in Special Education staff member on hand with over 25 Years Experience in Special Education & Administration. 

Through Martial Arts, Yoga & Fitness, help your child develop the path of confidence to make the right decisions, to choose appropriate action to adversity, and to help others. 



Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga

This athletic class provides a strong workout while developing balance and flexibility in a fun, intense and challenging new ways! You will progress quickly in your Asana (physical postures) practice by developing the strength and coordination required for more challenging poses. This style of yoga builds heat, flexibility and strength, while maintaining focus on good alignment and sound structure. Postures may be held for longer periods of time, and will flow together to unite the body to the breath and mind. Suitable for all levels.

Core Yoga

Go deeper into your asana (postures) practice & your core abdominals! With this breath control & strength based class, you will discover ways to tap into your most essential muscular support system for sacral/lumbar stability in dynamic movement. Using ABs, hips, glutes, back & thighs, restore and develop your balance by activating your Mula Bandha (root lock)!  

Qigong (Chi-Kung)

Qigong (pronounced ‘chee gung’) is an ancient Chinese mind-body practice that restores wellness, builds mental and emotional strength, reduces stress, and increases vitality.
Qigong (or Chi- Kung) is a Chinese term that translates as “breath work” and refers to the wide spread practice of breathing and stretching techniques to stimulate the vital energies of the body that began China’s 5,000 year old medical history. Qigong, sometimes called the grandmother of tai chi, is one of the four major branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Because Qigong incorporates a variety of gentle breathing methods, flowing movements, and mindfulness meditation, it can be practiced by absolutely anyone, regardless of their age, health & fitness level.


A method of exercise that consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates emphasizes use of the abdominals, lower back, hips and thighs. Pilates is named for its creator, Joseph Pilates, who developed the exercises in the early 1900s. With regular practice this revolutionary system has been proven to achieve a number of health benefits, including:

  • Improved core strength and stability
  • Improved posture and balance
  • Improved flexibility
  • Prevention and treatment of back pain

We Provide Small Group & Personal Training in:


Small Group training of up to four people with expert instruction on this revolutionary, wall mounted equipment. A Premium Springboard Class Pass is required.  


One on one sessions with our highly qualified trainer to rebalance, strengthen and lengthen you body, using the time tested Reformer Table originally designed by Joseph Pilates!  Personal Training rates apply.

Training here provides a positive way of life for any age or fitness level. Golden Harmony has forever changed my life. I am much happier & healthier inside & out. Thank You!
— Chrissy N. of Warrenton VA


SUP Yoga is here! 

Paddle boarding is an exciting way to exercise and have fun outdoors! With our unique boards, specifically designed for yoga, experience the joy of taking your practice out onto the water. Our SUP Vinyasa (Flow) style yoga classes are designed to challenge all levels, from first timers on the mat or board, to seasoned yogis & water sports players. Each class will cover board safety, paddle instruction, free paddle time & of course, YOGA!