Walk With Courage: A Course in Women's Self Defense

Walk With Courage: A Course in Women's Self Defense

from 50.00

Level 1

June Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th

1-5PM each day

2nd Floor Studio: Golden Harmony Fitness VA

Single: $99/ 1 day, $150/ 2 day course

Couples: $250/ 2 day course

$50/ both days fro returning students who have completed Level 1

The Walk with Courage program, as taught by Si Fu Gordon Wicks, instills core principles that do not rely on size, strength or complex techniques, but rather allow anyone to react to any threatening situation in her own natural way. The instruction is relaxed and is comprised of simple techniques that can be learned quickly and applied immediately. 


The most important skill to master is  having the survival mindset; to have the desire to survive and to realize that you have the right to exist. You have to be more motivated and more prepared than your assailant to gain the upper hand.” – Si Fu Rupert Harvey (Gordon Wicks' Master Instructor)

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