At Golden Harmony Fitness we have a modern approach to traditional martial arts. With high quality instruction from Nationally Certified Personal Trainers/Martial Arts Coaches, we provide a level of excellence in physical conditioning & technique in an ego-free, safe & fun environment. 



Ages 13+

At Golden Harmony we understand that its not just WHAT you train but HOW you train! Our Martial Arts Program is the product of decades of training, competing & developing the human machine. We bring a modern approach to traditional martial arts. With knowledge in the arts & sciences of power, strength, speed, alignment, flexibility, body mechanics, application, focus, ethics & intent we are proud to continue to evolve this system as our instructors have. Our Martial Arts Program is designed to give you well rounded training and proficiency in the 4 Pillars of any complete hand to hand combat system: Striking & Defense, Kicking, Throwing & Grappling. We also provide comprehensive defense skills with long staffs, shorts sticks & bladed weapons. If you are looking for a great place to train authentic martial arts, with no egos and high level, skilled instruction, you have found the place. We provide a fun & safe atmosphere to get in shape, learn invaluable self defense skills  & challenge yourself to be your best!   

Each 1.5 hour Classes consists of strength & conditioning, dynamic functional movement patterns, partner drills & applications & in specific classes, light sparring & randori practice. 

You will train in our integrated system from our certified expert instructors, SiFu Gordon Wicks & SiHing Aric Conto, who have 6 decades of training, competing & coaching between them in: 

  • Tai Mantis Kung Fu with Chin-Na & Shuai Jiao (Grappling & Throwing)
  • North Shaolin & Tam Toi (Tan-Tui) Kung Fu (Taolu or Forms Training)
  • Combat Escrima (Filipino Stick & Knife Fighting)
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Judo (Grappling & Throwing)
  • San Shou/8 Limbs Kick Boxing (Freestyle Kickboxing) 
  • Long Staff, Single & Double Short Sticks, Knives, Broad Sword, 3 Section & Other Traditional Weapons Training & Defense Tactics

YOUTH MArtial Arts

Ages 5-12

Discipline, respect, confidence, strength, coordination, agility, flexibility, friendship, skill

Through Martial Arts, Yoga & Fitness, help your child develop the path of confidence to make the right decisions, to choose appropriate action to adversity, and to help others. Our main emphases for youths are on physical conditioning, fun and focus.

Your child will develop a strong foundation in our age appropriate skill based program. Through physical fitness and teamwork, children develop the body & mind while having fun and making new friends! All of our classes are taught by Nationally Certified Personal Trainers, experts in their fields & are fun & engaging! We provide the safest and most effective programs that you will find in the area. We gladly accept exceptional children with physical & cognitive challenges and have a PHD in Special Education staff member on hand with over 25 Years Experience in Special Education & Administration. 

Golden Harmony's Youth Martial Arts is relevant, fun, and engaging. This class challenges the students attention, creative thinking and listening skills as well as their physicality simultaneously. This non competitive, progressive system, teaches the value of personal discipline and accomplishment, friendly encouragement and support, and exemplifies the core values of the Shaolin Kung Fu Spirit that is repeated in every class:


We gladly accept exceptional children with physical & cognitive challenges and have a PHD in Special Education staff member on hand with over 25 Years Experience in Special Education & Administration.