About Us


With Nationally Certified & Expert Instructors, comprehensive programming and an elite 3,500 square foot facility with state of the art equipment right in the heart of downtown Culpeper, Golden Harmony Fitness provides opportunities for ALL ages in our community to improve their lifestyles. Golden Harmony Fitness was founded in 2014 by Susan Huff, Ph.D & Master Instructor Gordon Wicks, NCPT, who bring over 40 years of teaching experience and has added decades more experience with our reputable team of instructors & trainers from within the wellness industry! It is our goal to provide the most progressive & effective mind body training utilizing the most modern, science based methods in Sports Medicine & Ancient Movement Practices to our community in a friendly, comfortable setting. It is our way to LIFT BODY, MIND & SPIRIT!

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Gordon Wicks, Master Instructor, NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Youth Exercise Specialist

A consummate professional & perpetual student is the co founder of Golden Harmony Fitness. Gordon spends his life in pursuit of excellence. Beginning at age 18 Gordon trained for 12 years with his mentor, Sifu Rupert Harvey, before gaining top rank of head instructor in Golden Harmony Kung Fu, a complete martial arts system comprised of Northern Praying Mantis, North Shaolin Long Fist, Shaolin Chin-Na (grappling), Yi Chuan Tao (Mind Fist Boxing) & Combat Escrima (Filipino stick & knife fighting). Within in this system the elaborate practices of Tui Na & Thai massage, Qigong (breath work) & Dao Yin (Chinese Yoga) compliment the rigorous martial arts training, to balance & heal the body. Having continued his physical education through the internationally recognized National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Gordon became a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer & Youth Exercise Specialist. Gordon spent 12 years as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for Gold's Gym in Warrenton & Culpeper & the Powell Wellness Center, where he also developed  aquatics training programs. Out of this experience, he developed The Golden Harmony Method to teach athletes a progressive system of the most dynamic and effective training program with unparalleled safety. He continues to train in a variety of marital arts, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Western Boxing & Muay Thai Boxing, with much credit to his top student & assistant, Master Aric Conto, as well as continued education in Qigong & Kung Fu with Sifu Rupert Harvey & longtime friend and Qigong instructor, Sifu Daisy Lee. Master Gordon Wicks' vast experience and continued education is fundamental to being able to provide the very best training in applied bio mechanics.

SUSAN HUFF, PHD, 500+ E-RYT Yoga Instructor

Co Founder, Susan Huff  turned to yoga in 2005 to address cycling and exercise related pains and injuries. Her positive experiences with yoga convinced Susan that there is a Yoga style for Every Body. Previous to turning to yoga, Susan obtained a Ph.D. in the Administration and Supervision of Special Education Programs from Virginia Tech. She has over 25 years teaching and administrative experience with students of all ages- birth to adulthood-with various learning needs. That passion for teaching in traditional school settings inspired Susan to become a fitness instructor where she continues to encourage individuals to acknowledge their limitations while discovering their strengths. She believes in the importance of finding the balance between ‘what you naturally possess and what you want to do’. DO MORE YOGA! It will help make the world a better place.

 After leaving a lifetime career in the public school system, Susan went on to found Stonewall Abbey Yoga & Qigong in Sperryville, as well as the the 2nd Floor Studio in Culpeper, soon to become, Golden Harmony Fitness Studios. 


  • PHD in Administration & Supervision of Special Education Programs from Virginia Tech
  • 300+ E-RYT Vinyasa Yoga through Yoga Alliance
  • 200+ Svaroopa Yoga Teacher Training
  • Stress Management Yoga Level 2 through Integral Yoga (Satchidananda Ashram)
  • Thai Yoga Massage Level 2 through The Thai Institute of Healing Arts
  • Zhang Fu Organ Cleansing & Strengthening Qigong through Masters Daisy Lee & Francesco Garripoli

Leslie Maryk

Leslie provides a fun, safe and effective experience with the knowledge that only 25 years in the fitness industry can bring. With her energetic and informative style, Leslie brings personal and group fitness training to the highest level. Leslie brings to Golden Harmony Fitness, Pilates Reformer Training, Personal Training, TRX Group FitnessInstruction, and early morning schedules! Leslie has been a fitness administrator for many years, including being Gordon Wicks' manager for 12 years in various large gym operations, introducing him to the industry. There is no aspect of training, or sports medicine that has slipped passed Leslie, but it is her passion for results for her clients & a warm personality, that gives her the consistency in programming and pleasant atmosphere to bring them the very best.  It is an honor to have Leslie on our team. 


  • B.S.
  • M.A.
  • AFPA Personal Trainer
  • AFAA Group Exercise
  • Schwinn Indoor Cycling
  • TRX
  • TRX RIP Trainer
  • BodyPump
  • BodyVive
  • CXWorx
  • Scott Pilates Reformer
  • Scott Pilates Injuries/Special Populations
  • Anusara Yoga
  • Mat Science I
  • WaterInMotion
  • DTP Pre/Postnatal


Born in Malone NY in 1968 , Aric began training Kyokushin Karate in 1977  and  youth boxing through the Golden Gloves program at the local YMCA. at the age of 8. He continued his training, earning 3rd degree Black Belt in 1997. Martial arts & weight lifting are an integral aspect of Aric's life, and a life long pursuit. His passion for training is only matched by his love and commitment to his lovely wife, Heidi and their four children.  

Aric Conto has competed in martial arts tournaments regularly for over 30 years in Western Boxing, Full Contact Karate Fighting, Judo & JiuJitsu. From 1994-1998, Aric for the Department Of Corrections as a member of the special P.E.R.T. team, handling cell extractions, disturbances and riots state wide. 

Aric has been training with Sifu Gordon Wicks in Golden Harmony Kung Fu since 2011 and brings his vast experience to Golden Harmony Kung Fu as a basics training instructor. We are honored to have this dedicated martial artist in our ranks.

Career Accomplishments

  • Received Shodan (1st degree black belt) in Kyokushin Karate in 1986 
  • Received Sandan (3rd degree black belt ) Kyokushin Karate in 1997 
  • Muay Thai Boxing under Kumron Vaitayanon- 1998-1999 Lorton, VA 
  • Purple Belt through Royler Gracie Jiu-Jitsu 1998-2005 
  • Ikkyu, 1st Kyu Brown Belt -Okinawan Shorin Ryu, Zentokukai Karate Association 2005-2008
  • Boxing at Elsemere/Tiberi Boxing Gym, 2006-2007 
  • Ikkyu, 1st Kyu Brown Belt- Judo, 2008-2011
  •  Golden Harmony Kung Fu, 2011-Present

PAIGE ASHMORE, Certified GHVA Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

Yoga is Paige Ashmore's passion! She began practicing yoga since 2012 after being drawn to the calming mind set of the practice and the gracefulness of the poses. She especially appreciates that regardless of the age, body type, or fitness level of an individual, they can can find a yoga that resonates with them. In short, she believes that yoga is yoga is for every body.

Her yoga journey began with much self teaching, training with fellow yoga teachers and deepening her practice with reading widely about yoga. Paige has also trained under the guidance of Susan Huff and Gordon Wicks to extend her yoga knowledge. As well as being a dedicated mother of 3(!) and wife, Paige is an avid runner and  also serves our community as Corrections Officer at Coffeewood Correctional Facility.