Standing Skills Class Tuesday August 16, 2016

Golden Harmony Martial Arts

Standing Skills Class (1.5 Hour Class)

Warm Up (25 minutes)

  • 25 Minute Run around town

Strength & Conditioning (25 minutes)

x3 Sets

  • Max wide Pull Ups
  • Max Dips
  • Max Leg Raises with ‘V’- Splits
  • Heavy Band ‘Golf Swing’ Rotations
  • Jump Squats with band tied around thighs up & down the Training Hall

Drills & Techniques (25 minutes)

10 minutes on the bags

15 minutes with partners

  • Parry the Jab and Rear Cross/Counter with a Low Round Kick off the rear leg
  • Simultaneous Block & Strike, Over Handed Strike to Low Round Kick or Knee Combinations
  • Add Switch Kicks/Knees to switch sides 

Flexibility Training (10 minutes)

Dynamic Partner Exercises

  • Hamstrings with the heel press down technique 
  • Hip Flexors and Quads with Dynamic Lunge and Psoas Arc
  • Dynamic Tension Shoulder Stretches in 3 directions
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