Eddie Norlander

The fitness world, an opportunity to help others grow and become stronger is Eddie's passion. After becoming an ACE (considered to be one of the best programs in the country)Certified Personal Trainer in 2013, Eddie has made his sole priority to be able to train others wholeheartedly and with as much challenge as he trains himself. Studying with Sifu Gordon Wicks for 3 years has given Eddie many of the training skills and philosophies that Golden Harmony Fitness has incorporated from ancient Kung Fu & modern sports medicine.  

Eddie has been a long time training partner with his father, Ed Norlander. Ed is an accomplished Iron Man triathlete.The opportunity to work out together as a father and son not only allowed them both to make incredible strides in their own fitness and performance goals, but has made their relationship stronger than it has ever been. While Eddie has no goals of crushing Iron Man races like his father, and while Ed doesn't feel the need to squat 300 pounds like his son, the two have become a very inspiring team, and have both seen the physical, spiritual, and mental benefits of exercising, together with support and enthusiasm. 

During the few moments of the week that Eddie is not weight lifting, instructing group fitness classes or training Kung Fu, he enjoys a little leisure time playing video games, getting tattoos, being with his family, and recently has even begun a steady Vinyasa Flow Yoga practice. With the support of his wife Rachel and the Golden Harmony staff, Eddie is extremely enthusiastic about continuing to bring his talents to the members of Golden Harmony Fitness.