A State of Returning

Our whole lives are in a state of returning. As a wheel turns, always revolving until every inch of the surface has once again touched the road. From action to inaction, loading & unloading, starting and finishing, we separate Yin & Yang, constantly and inevitably shifting between the these two polar opposites. Dao (Tao) was once explained to me, as being the place where the shaded & sunny sides of a mountain meet; twilight. We understand that night is imperative for life, just as the day. We know that we must rest, to build our bodies and recuperate what we have spent during the day.We innately understand these principles, yet often times find it difficult to dedicate it to our actions. To eat, work, sleep, is to survive. Sometimes, it is all we have, all that we can afford to focus on. But, with these in tact, we must acquire more. More of what? Substance. To not only breath, to intake oxygen and to survive. But, to enhance our presence, to feel ourselves fill with life, to be mindful of our very existence. Within our stillness, we will find motion. The wheel of life, the ever flowing river of change and transition of Yin & Yang. Feel the lungs fill, then empty, the pulse of blood pump through your veins, the creativity of thoughts passing through the mind, the alignment of your bones, and the constant attention of your musculature & nervous system to stand erect, or lie down without tension. By enriching your experience, then it seems that you can also, let go of apprehensions, expectations, competitions, and return to neutral state, a state of being that resides in relaxation, and full of potential energy.
But why? What does this benefit? What is it that I actually gain, from mindfulness? I think that the answer to that question is the one that has been attempted to be answered, a thousand ways. I will state it like this. Enlightenment means "to illuminate". To see that which was once in the dark. When one sits in the dark, one can only imagine what is in the room. You can reach out, feel & touch, smell, listen. But with no real reference, it is only guess work as to the actual nature of the contents of the room, and the room itself, and even your position and relevance to this darkened space. With the light on, there is no longer any question. 'Oh, that is a chair, and there are the four walls,and I am standing in the middle of the room'. To be aware of yourself, to see yourself inside and out clearly, is illuminating. To fully mature as an adult human animal, to maximize your personal potential and see for yourself your abilities in this life is Enlightenment. This leads to contentment, which leads to peace of mind, which leads to joy. 
How does it work? The science behind the power of structural alignment and unifying your body(physical) mind(intent) and spirit(drive), has been studied across the board in many ways. The most important experiment, is your own. Conceptual knowledge is only a guide to the experiential. 

Gordon WicksComment