Sifu Gordon Wicks, Co-Founder of Golden Harmony Fitness Studios, Master Instructor & Head Personal Trainer

Sifu Gordon Wicks, Co-Founder of Golden Harmony Fitness Studios, Master Instructor & Head Personal Trainer


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Nationally Certified Personal Trainer License
  •  National Academy of Sports Medicine Nationally Certified Youth Exercise Specialist
  • Master Instructor of Golden Harmony Kung Fu including: Tai Mantis Kung Fu, Shaolin Chin- Na, North Shaolin Kung Fu, Yi Chuan Tao, Combat Escrima,Shaolin Iron Cloak Qigong, Wuji Hundan Qigong, Iron Palm, Chan Meditation, Tui Na Massage
  • Master Instructor of Tai Shan 9 Palms Kung Fu & Tai Shan Golden Spiral Wellness, Healing Movement System
  • Certified Instructor in Zhang Fu Organ Cleansing & Strengthening  Qigong Form under Masters Daisy Lee & Francesco Garripoli
  • Certified Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner
  • George Brown Culinary Institute Toronto, 2 year Culinary Management & Nutrition Program
  • Ceritfied TRX Strength Training Equipment & Group Fitness Trainer
  • Red Cross CPR/ AED First Responder/ Professional Certification
  • Red Cross Water Safety First Responder/ Professional Certification
  • NRA First Steps Pistol Orientation

Awards & Recognitions

  • 2015 Award of Friendship from Ortiz Chinese Boxing Academy, NY
  • 2015 Demonstration Leader for International Golden Harmony Kung Fu Association at 15th Annual Toronto Chinatown Festival, Toronto, Canada
  • 2015 Re-Certified OCQ (Organ Cleansing & Strengthening Qigong) Qigong Instructor from Kahuna Valley & Wuji Productions 
  • 2015 Certificate of Appreciation for Support of Chinese Martial Arts by Luo Kwang Yu Heritage Tournament 
  • National Qigong Association Member since 2014
  • 2014 National Qigong Association LEVEL 3 ADVANCED INSTRUCTOR
  • 2014 Award of Merit from the Tai Shan Association
  • 2014 x2 Gold Medalist, Washington D.C. All Kung Fu Championships
  • 2014 Bronze Medalist and Qualifier, Washington D.C. All Kung Fu Championships
  • 2013 Patient Centered Care Training for Culpeper Regional Hospital
  • 2012 Award of Merit from the Tai Shan Association
  • 2011 Inducted to Shaolin Temple Kung Fu School Association
  • 2010 Friendship of the Arts participation 16th Annual IKSA Seminar/ Workshops
  • 2009 MASTER INSTRUCTOR Diploma Golden Harmony  Kung Fu Association/ Tai Shan Association
  • 2008 Recognized for the educational contribution to the Windt Foundation for traumatized, under-privileged youth in the D.C. area
  • 2008 GM Elementary School  KIDFIT KUNG FU CLASS, after school program
  • 2005 Golden Harmony Kung Fu/ Tai Mantis Association IRON PALM Certification
  • 2004 Community Service Award from Tai Shan Association in recognition of contributions to the community
  • 2002 Gold Medalist, Canadian National Wushu Kung Fu Championships
  • 2002 x2 Silver Medalist, International Karate & Kung Fu Championships
  • 2001 x2 Bronze Medalist, Canadian National Wushu Kung Fu Championships



Gordon Wicks is a Master Martial Artist and Exercise Specialist. The core of his training methods is based on thousands of years of applied technique, reinforced by the most modern science in Sports Medicine.

Nationally certified and trained by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Gordon Wicks has 18 years of martial arts training, and 14 years of experience coaching and educating others through his methods. Along side of this constant study of Body, Mind and Spirit potential, is Gordon's 15 year career as a professional chef, cooking, training & teaching, having worked in some of the finest restaurants in Toronto and Virginia. Most notably, spending several years at the famed culinary destination of Chef Patrick O'Connell, The Inn at Little Washington, and finally served as  the Executive Chef at the historical Red Fox Inn, in Middleburg Virginia.

Though, his main instructor, Grand Master Rupert Harvey, resides in Toronto, Gordon Wicks has studied throughout the U.S. and Canada with over a dozen martial arts masters and fitness coaches over the course of his career.  

The Golden Harmony Method provides athletes with the most dynamic and effective training with unparalleled safety through a progressive program. Master Gordon Wicks' vast experience and continued education is fundamental to being able to provide the very best training in applied bio mechanics. Learn more about our affiliations here:


  • Golden Harmony Kung Fu
  • Tai Shan Association  
  • Tai Mantis Association
  • Canadian Chinese Kung Fu Association
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine

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